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1 City On A Hill 3593089 It's Christmas Time misc 90098e0c
2 Caedmon's Call 40 Acres misc 8d0a7e0b
3 98 98 blues a10b6f0d
4 Jennifer Knapp A Litle More single + Interview folk b8055c0d
5 Stavesacre Absolutes misc 750a4b0a
6 Original Soundtrack Aladdin soundtrack 2f0bbc15
7 Watermark All Things New misc 720a070a
8 Offspring Americana rock 970fb20e
9 First Christian & Vision of Hope Santa Maria, CA Worship Teams An Evening of Worship (live 6-26-1998) misc 780de009
10 Prayer Chain, The Antarctica rock ce0ecf0e
11 Various Artists Armageddon - The album rock a50d440e
12 Stefan Youngblood Before Our Eyes misc b30bdd0c
13 Dave Matthews Band Before These Crowded Streets rock 88107b0b
14 Petra Beyond Belief rock 820a4f0a
15 Juno Reactor Beyond the Infinite misc 680fcc09
16 Juno Reactor Bible of Dreams misc 640f8009
17 Aerosmith Big Ones rock f0113a0f
18 Big Tent Rivival Big Tent Revival rock aa09090b
19 Various Artists Billboard Top Rock'n'Roll Hits - 1962 rock 7805900a
20 Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons Black Diamond jazz ae0c3f0b
21 Chemical Brothers, The Block Rockin' Beats misc 2b05cd04
22 Audio Adrenaline Bloom misc b40bd30d
23 Miles Davis Blue Miles blues 5a0bb908
24 Ginny Owens Blueprint misc 82098b09
25 Rachel Lampa BLUR misc 900a7a0a
26 Paul Desmond Bossa Antigua jazz a70df90b
27 Focused BOW rock 2c0d9a4d
28 James Horner Braveheart Soundtrack classical 05124212
29 Chemical Brothers, The Brother's Gonna Work It Out rock 3a102a05
30 Jason Harwell building a better me... rock 8809630b
31 Casting Crowns Casting Crowns misc 790a3d0a
32 NatureQuest Celtic Renaissance newage b40de00c
33 Michael W. Smith Change Your World rock 960bd40b
34 Violet Burning, The Chosen rock 9c0c5e0c
35 Rebecca St. James Christmas misc 9d0a2a0a
36 Various Artists City on a Hill: Songs of Worship & Praise rock c30cbf0d
37 various Classical Music For People Who Hate Classical Music (Disc D) classical d6111d0e
38 Classical Heritage Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music - Disc C classical 970f290b
39 Various Classical Music for People who Hate Classical Music, Vol. 2 classical 0d0f9014
40 Various Artists Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music classical a50f910d
41 Collective Soul Collective Soul rock 920ad80c
42 Medeski Martin and Wood Combustication Remix EP jazz 47084706
43 Medeski Martin & Wood Combustication jazz 7a101c0c
44 Norah Jones Come Away With Me blues b90a950e
45 PlankEye Commonwealth rock 76090a0a
46 Handel Concerti Grossi 5, 6, 7 classical 200c3d03
47 Bon Jovi Crossroad rock c710eb0e
48 Deliriou5? Cutting Edge - Disk 2 rock ab10360c
49 delirious? cutting edge rock bc0f2c0d
50 Chatterbox Despite misc 7610d40a
51 Chemical Brothers, The Dig Your Own Hole misc 950edf0b
52 Adam Again Dig rock 8f09980a
53 Herbie Hancock Dis is da Drum jazz ab0cec0b
54 Collective Soul Disciplined Breakdown rock 9c0aeb0c
55 King's X Dogman rock b00dee0e
56 Audio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me misc 8009f20b
57 Collective Soul Dosage misc 960db90c
58 Jars of Clay Drummer Boy misc 30042a04
59 Toad the Wet Sprocket Dulcinea rock ac0afa0c
60 King's X Ear Candy rock a90b940d
61 Joshua Redman Elastic blues c9128d0d
62 Parable Christmas Collection Emmanuel, God is with us misc 9709ba0b
63 Bill Evans Escape jazz af11640d
64 Chemical Brothers, The Exit Planet Dust.... misc 8e0b960b
65 Prodigy, The Experience rock 960df50c
66 Kings X Faith Hope Love rock c20e870d
67 Mortal Fathom rock c70ed40d
68 Prodigy, The Fire * Jericho newage 25042d04
69 Prodigy Firestarter (single) misc 2a04f904
70 FFH Found A Place misc 7b09ee0b
71 DC Talk Free At Last misc f10caf11
72 Joshua Redman Freedom In The Groove jazz 8c10320a
73 Stavesacre Friction rock 7c0b6c0a
74 Tori Amos From the Choirgirl Hotel misc a80cb20c
75 Herbie Hancock Gershwin's World jazz cb0fcb0e
76 Project 86 Gift misc 940b7e0a
77 Delirious GLO misc ac10cd0f
78 Michael W. Smith Go West Young Man misc 9a0a1f0a
79 Barenaked Ladies Gordon rock dc0de10f
80 PFR Great Lengths misc 9808e50b
81 Kingston Trio, The Greatest Hits folk 9c07040c
82 King's X Gretchen Goes to Nebraska rock 980c480c
83 Billie Myers Growing, Pains rock 8b0a450b
84 Take 6 He is Christmas misc 7c08560a
85 Various Artists Hear & Beyond misc 00105711
86 Collective Soul Hints Allegations and Things L misc a80aa10d
87 Blessed Union Of Souls Home rock 8f0c4e0c
88 Echoing Green, The Hope Springs Eternal misc 850a4b0b
89 Creed Human Clay rock b60e2b0c
90 FFH I Want to be Like You misc a20b260c
91 Dakoda Motor Co. Into the Son misc 9d08a90b
92 Miss Jane It's A Fine Day rock 5307d306
93 Janet Jackson Janet misc 8311a91b
94 Jars Of Clay Jars Of Clay misc 6f0f610a
95 Dc Talk Jesus Freak [Cd-Rom misc 51044204
96 dc Talk Jesus Freak rock ad0d930d
97 Joshua Redman Joshua Redman jazz 950f450b
98 Jennifer Knapp Kansas rock b60a1e0c
99 Delerium Karma rock 9c11720b
100 King James King James rock d50e5d0d
101 Deliriou5? King of Fools misc b10f000d
102 King's X King's X rock a10bd50b
103 LaRue LaRue misc 930a9b0b
104 Jennifer Knapp Lay It Down misc 70087b0a
105 Starflyer 59 Le Vainqueuer rock 31043d04
106 Avril Lavigne Let Go rock b610ab0e
107 Native Son & The Foundation Life In The Grave rock b609f00d
108 Yellowjackets Like A River jazz 8e0e8d0a
109 Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported (Disc 1) rock 8c11140a
110 Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported misc 810f630a
111 One Bad Pig Live - Blow the House Down misc fb0ef413
112 Delirious Live And In The Can misc 110e8211
113 Audio Adrenaline live bootleg rock 8b0caa0b
114 Rachel Lampa Live for You rock a50abc0b
115 Lincoln Brewster Live to worship rock 9b0b9d0b
116 Caedmon's Call Long Line Of Leavers rock bb0ce90d
117 Chemical Brothers, The Loops of Fury misc 2d050d04
118 Mortal Lusis rock c80dd20d
119 Matchbox twenty mad season misc b711540e
120 Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage jazz 3d09ea05
121 Barenaked Ladies Maroon rock 9c0c370c
122 Prayer Chain, The Mercury rock 970d5a0a
123 Delirious? Mezzamorphis misc e10e030e
124 Argyle Park Misquided rock 2210ae22
125 Ty Tabor Moonflower Lane misc 800a380a
126 Mortal Mortal rock 7c0a920a
127 Jars Of Clay Much Afraid rock 8f0c150c
128 Melissa Tawlks Mystery Revealed misc 8509710a
129 JC & the Boyz Never Give Up rock 9b09610c
130 Damon Castillo Quartet New Dialectic jazz aa0fb80b
131 Flim and the BB's New Pants jazz bf0c890c
132 Antonin Dvorak New World Symphony classical 51101607
133 Aerosmith Nine Lives rock c510110e
134 Garth Brooks No Fences country 72081a0a
135 Newsboys Not Ashamed misc 7409e40a
136 Chris Tomlin Not to Us rock 7b0a3b0a
137 Third Day Offerings II misc b00fce0d
138 Third Day Offerings misc 9d0d460b
139 Various One Silent Night misc a60d1b0d
140 King's X Out of the Silent Planet folk 8409fe0a
141 Tourniquet Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance rock a30d7f0c
142 D-Boy Peace to the Poet misc 910b1f0b
143 Wish for Eden Pet the Fish rock 9407fd0a
144 SFC Phase III misc 270f5514
145 D-Boy Plantin' A Seed misc 7208dc09
146 Cedarmont Baby Playtime Praise misc c706f50f
147 Beatles, The Please Please Me rock c507ae0e
148 Delerium Poem Bonus Disk rock 1b06e104
149 Delerium Poem misc 8310f10b
150 U2 Pop folk 910e1b0c
151 Mortification post momentary affliction rock ad0bf10e
152 Rebecca St. James Pray misc a00e140b
153 Blenderhead Prime Candidate for Burnout rock ba08f60c
154 Mortal Pura misc 780b140a
155 Bill Evans Push jazz 9f0e490c
156 Stefan Youngblood Quiet Praise misc 7b093f0b
157 Rachael Lampa Rachael Lampa misc 930c240b
158 Dakoda Motor Co. Railroad misc 8308610a
159 Betrayal Renaissance By Death misc 7f0bb10a
160 Prodigal Sons Return rock a60f440b
161 Fold Zandura Return rock 52089408
162 apt.core rhythms of remembrance rock 600a1a0a
163 Fluke Risotto misc 8a11360a
164 Riverdance Riverdance folk e9113810
165 Barenaked Ladies Rock Spectacle rock 8f10470c
166 Beatles, The Rubber Soul misc af08640e
167 Joe Sample Sample This jazz d7116b0f
168 Juno Reactor Samurai rock 30086b05
169 Savage Garden Savage Garden misc 870a770b
170 Chemical Brothers, The Setting Sun (Single) newage 2904d204
171 JUNO REACTOR Shango data 840e8709
172 Prayer Chain, The Shawl rock ab0b5d0d
173 Harry Connick, Jr. She jazz c80ec20e
174 Sixpence None The Richer Sixpence None The Richer rock a70b430c
175 Everclear So Much For The Afterglow rock 9f0b6f0d
176 XL and Death Before Dishonor Sodom and America rock 95098e0c
177 Ginny Owens Something More newage 9f09d10c
178 SonicFlood SonicFlood rock a70cf40c
179 Sonicflood Sonicpraise data a911160c
180 Hank Mobley Soul Station jazz 4c08cb06
181 Code Of Ethics soulbait rock 74096e0b
182 Stavesacre Speakeasy rock a20ccb0c
183 Steven Curtis Chapman Speechless misc b70cfd0d
184 Plankeye Spill rock 85079e0a
185 Starflyer 59 starflyer 59 (silver) rock 7408000a
186 Klank Still Suffering rock 850a180a
187 Sometime Sunday Stone rock 9a0bd20b
188 Supertones Strike Back misc 9309be0c
189 Six Feet Deep Struggle rock 8a0be40a
190 Barenaked Ladies Stunt blues a00c070d
191 DC TALK Supernatural rock b00d520e
192 Chemical Brothers, The Surrender misc 890dd20b
193 Dvorak, Anthony ( Symphony No. 9 "From The New World" classical 2c09bd04
194 Newsboy Take Me To Your Leader misc 8808b00b
195 Crucified, The Take Up Your Cross rock 3a094c16
196 King's X Tape Head rock a30b330d
197 Pearl Jam Ten misc 830c850b
198 Bill Evans The alternative man jazz 730b6f09
199 Tree 63 The Answer To The Question misc 6707ba0a
200 Herbie Hancock The best of jazz 7c0ef309
201 Jimmy Smith The Cat jazz 7007bb08
202 Garth Brooks The Chase country 7608d40a
203 Crucified, The The Crucified rock bc09cc0e
204 Brian Setzer Orchestra, The The Dirty Boogie jazz 990ba50d
205 Sixpence None The Richer The Fatherless and the Widow rock 97097c0a
206 Galactic Cowboys The Horse That Bud Bought rock ba0d5f0e
207 PFR The late great PFR rock 03103111
208 Tree63 The Life and Times of Absolute Truth folk 800eb30b
209 Steven Curtis Chapman The Live Adventure misc ca10ea0e
210 Crucified, The The Pillars Of Humanity rock 7508830a
211 Empire Records The Soundtrack soundtrack c10c800f
212 Plankeye The Spark rock 8709bc0b
213 Jennifer Knapp The Way I Am misc 970bd90c
214 Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind rock ab0d810e
215 Sixpence None The Richer This Beautiful Mess misc 940ba80c
216 Flim and and BB's This is a recording jazz b20cc40d
217 Michael W. Smith This Is Your Time misc cc0e4c0e
218 Natalie Merchant Tigerlily folk 730c3d0b
219 Stryper To Hell With The Devil rock 8909970b
220 St. Germain Tourist misc 790e0b09
221 No Doubt Tragic Kingdom data d20df90e
222 Rebecca St.James Transform misc b60c720d
223 Juno Reactor Transmissions misc 7a0f7509
224 LaRue Transparent rock 990b910b
225 Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Trouble Is ... blues 920d420c
226 Fold Zandura Ultra Forever rock e70d7e10
227 Under Midnight Under Midnight rock a40c4e0c
228 Dave Matthews Band Under The Table And Dreaming misc 5e0ed522
229 Mariah Carey Unplugged rock 4f06bf07
230 Petra Unseen Power rock 9109c30a
231 Five Iron Frenzy Upbeats & Beatdowns blues dd0b2410
232 Crystal Method, The Vegas misc 940e5a0a
233 Under Midnight Void rock 8e09060b
234 Die Happy Volume II misc 71095509
235 Pearl Jam Vs. rock 950ad90c
236 Mortal Wake rock c30c420e
237 Haendel, Georg Friedrich Water Music, Music for Firework classical 0a0ee412
238 Take 6 We Wish You a Merry Christmas jazz 93087c0b
239 Dakoda Motor Company Welcome Race Fans rock 8408a10b
240 DC Talk Welcome to the Freak Show (DC Talk in Concert) rock c4126610
241 Prayer Chain, The Whirlpool EP rock 4f06bd06
242 Various Wipeout 3 (Playstation disc) misc ad0d650e
243 Various Wipeout XL (Playstation disc) misc b20fce0c
244 Third Day Wire rock 900c0f0d
245 Ginny Owens With Me -- Promo CD rock 20024f03
246 Ginny Owens Without Condition rock bf0f320c
247 Various WOW Worship Yellow Disc 1 misc f6121d11
248 Various Artists WOW Worship Yellow Disc 2 misc e711c910
249 Fatboy Slim You've Come a Long Way, Baby misc 990e8c0b
250 Matchbox 20 Yourself or someone like you rock aa0af90c