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Bob Jones City to the Sea Trail
2003_06_24 New Trail!

Cerro San Luis Obispo
2003_04_18 Added trail that links to Laguna Lake.

Irish Hills Natural Reserve
2003_04_09 Added road from Royal Way to the map.

Wildflower Triathlon Mountain Bike
2004_04_18 New


This site is run entirely by volunteer work of central coast residents. Our goal is to provide good information regarding trails in the San Luis Obispo area. We hope to use this site as a means to encourage people to get out and enjoy the world around them.

Data for maps is gathered from a hand held Garmin eTrex Legend GPS, transfered to a computer, and overlaid on a variety of different maps. We use only maps available for free public use to avoid any issues with licensing. Please see our terms and conditions page.

Street maps are generated using the US Census Tiger Map server. Check out the Links page for more info.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or just to tell us what you think about the site.

wild flowers
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