Sliding magazine load assist buttons for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 magazine.

This is especially designed for the 10 round pinned magazines from S&W that cannot be disassembled to insert your own follower load assist button. It will work on any 15-22 magazine; however, it is not designed to be removed through the existing hole at the bottom of regular non-pinned magazines.

This item is 3D printed from a nylon with fiberglass fill. While these have performed very well for us in our testing, please be aware that these are not commercially produced and installation does require some mechanical work on your part. Please DO NOT BUY if you are unwilling to read the install instructions and do the install work yourself. If you have any problems, please let us know the details so we can help work a solution for you.

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Have fun shooting!

You are purchasing the two part button that you can install yourself. Please follow along in the pictures for installation:
Slide the button with axle through the existing hole in the magazine follower.

Place the magazine with the open axle pointing up on a flat and sturdy surface.
Start the button with hole on the axle with your hands so it is finger tight.

Use a socket to pound the two pieces together. Leave some space between the mag and slider. Do NOT over tighten.
(Recommended) Use a heat gun or lighter to gently heat the exposed axle. As an alternative, a small drop of super glue can be use to lock the two pieces together. If you choose not to indent the end, you will need to trim the shaft down to fit your receiver.
(Recommended) Press the heated shaft down like a rivet. Here I used the back end of a drill bit.
(Recommended) Hold until cool and the plastic will retain the shape. Verify the follower can still slide freely, especially when inserted into the receiver.

Watch this demonstration and installation video: